Re: Windows Live Essentials 2011 and the best setup for JAWS

Anders Boholdt-Petersen

Hi, and very thanks for the answers.

1. I can not find the "compact button" Peter write about. How do you do when
you should find the compact button?

2. In Windows Live Messenger 2009 I could find a icon in the system tree
where I could open Messenger if I have closed the window.
I can not find the icon when I use Windows Live Essentials 2011. It is
posible to bring the icon back again?

3. What version of JAWS working best with Windows Live Essentials 2011?

Very thanks for the answer.

---Peter Holdstock wrote---
Hi, if you tabl around the main messenger screen there is a compact button
which willl switch it to compact view. It just means there is slightly less
stuff to tab through if needed. I would also go in to the options and turn
off tabbed conversations. The best tip I can give for navigation it to
remember that the search bar for searching contacts is att the top of the
contacts list, so each time you want to get back to the contacts list press
CTRL E and then just down arrow. JAWS doesn't seem to read the search
results if you do a search until you alt tab away and back again then you'll

be on the results. Hope that helps.


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