Re: odd tab behaviour in windows 10

Shan Noyes

If you want to look at all running programs hold down the Jos key with f10 pops up a window that one can cursor through all running programs much faster
Then trying to do the alt tab

On Feb 22, 2018, at 8:21 PM, Shirley Tracy <stracy5@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,

I hope to read a response to this as well, because I'm running Windows 7 and have always had the same problem. Could it be a certain setting we need to change? So this is not only with Windows 10.

Shirley Tracy

---- paul lemm <paul.lemm@...> wrote:


So I've just done a new install of windows 10, but I usually use the key
combination of alt and tab to cycle through the list of running programs on
my PC, but now for some reason when I tab like this
it only tabs through the two most currently used programs and ignores
anything else I have open. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could
do to fix this?


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