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Adrian Spratt

Dave, you've already received the control+JAWS key+enter answer from Mike
and Chris. When you press that combination, you'll often hear a reference to
a line number. As I recall, the message is something like, "the text has
changed at line X."

This is where the JAWS quick key j comes in useful. When you hear that
message, press j and you'll be asked for a line number. Type in the number
you heard, and JAWS will take you there.

In my experience, being taken to the line sometimes produces new
information, but sometimes not at least none that JAWS detects. However,
when you do get new information, it can be very helpful.

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Hi, I got lost in the Help menu trying to find out how to activate the
mouse over links.
If someone would restate the keystrokes, I'll try to remember this time.
Thank you.

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