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she finally got it done. thanks HH.

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Subject: Outlook 2016 correcting displayed name

Hi Mario,

Try this:
**Make sure Microsoft Outlook is not running**
1. go into control panel
2. type mail in the search box
3. arrow down to mail link and press enter
4. you land on the email tab, then press spacebar
5. tab around until you get to repair and press it with the space bar
6. shut JAWS up he will confuse you, Tab once and you'll land on the name
7. retype the name as desired
8. tab to the next line, their email address should already be there
9. tab to the password field and enter password
10. tab again and reenter the password again
11. tab to the next button and press it
12. outlook will go through repair
13. as the dialog boxes change, press in the affirmative for each consequent
14. they will get a test email from Microsoft, showing repair complete.
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Subject: Outlook 2016 correcting displayed name

my friend's name is displayed wrong when someone receives an email from her.
how can she correct it? I can't find directions for using the keyboard.
searches give clicking directions which doesn't help.
she's blind like me.


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