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Pretty much all routers use a web interface and I have had various models from Netgear, Cisco/Linksys, D-Link and Asus and rarely was I not able to do most of what I needed to do. The fact is that apart from changing the default password which is incredibly important and amazinly it is not something many people do there isn't much the average user has to do.

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Yes, I believe that's the one he was talking about, but i didn't know anything about them, and infact, hadn't even heard of them

He did say though, they were a bit expensive. He was just wondering if they would work with Jaws that was all

On 20/02/2018 16:39, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
If Val is referring to the google Mesh routers then at least their high-end units are among the most expensive in the industry, definitely not a cheap product which is subsidised by Google because it helps them to collect more information about you.

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I don’t know about this router. What I do know is how the big, wealthy internet-based technology companies make their money. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter offer virtually zero customer service and support. If they did, their offerings would not be free or cheap.
Apple charges more for its products, but it delivers a fantastic experience.


On 2/20/18, Val Paul <vpcara79@...> wrote:
Hi everyone!

Had a visit from my nephew today, and he has just purchased the google
wifi wireless. According to him, its brill! He was asking me if this
would work with Jaws, but as he's the only one i know who's using it,
i couldn't tell him.

Has anyone tried this, and if so, does it work well with Jaws?

I would also be interested in people's opinion on this.

My nephew is very interested in what works for us, and what doesn't!

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