What's going on with my JAWS and Firefox??

Jim Portillo

Goode morning,


Is there something I don’t know about regarding JAWS and Firefox?

Up until recently, I was running JAWS 18 but must have been running an old version of Firefox because I was told I needed to update due to having an outdated version.

I then first removed and then re-installed and updated Firefox but didn’t think about JAWS until I was told something about tab content and presentation not being available due to my screen reading software.  I updated to JAWS 2018.  Now, Firefox is Incredibly Sluggish! I’m not even sure if it’s crashing on me. I can’t really be productive due to its speed.

Is something wrong with it being compatible with the latest JAWS?  What should I do?  I don’t know if it’s my computer or not.

Internet Explorer still works; although, some sites I frequent work better with Firefox.  Does anyone have any thoughts?




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