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Here's an example of a document I want to restore. What do I change? Basically, this document was originally a poem I wrote, but now it's a bunch of gibberish after being recovered with ICare Data Recovery Pro.

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In some quick searching, both UltraEdit and NotePad++ are both mentioned as having hex editor plugins.
There also was a freeware hex editor mentioned called HXD.
How accessible any of these are, I have no idea.

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Although I don’t know any good hex editors, in fact for that matter I’m not sure I even know what one is lol. But as an alternative  solution , you could try converting the broken wav file to a different file format, which makes a new version of the sound and may fix the broken attributes too, , then you can just re convert the file back to WAV. There are plenty of online sites that will convert WAV to another format. I do a little programing to write audio games, , and every now and again I’ll come across a wav file that won’t play, in which case I just add the wav file to my music editor software , then export it back out as a WAV file, which is doing the same as I mentioned above , but just using the program I have, but that’s always worked in the past. I’ve put the link for two  websites below, one which converts files from WAV to mp3, and then another which converts mp3 files to WAV. Hopefully this fixes your issue, but if you have any problems, if it’s just one WAV file that’s broken if you can find a way of sending me the WAV file I can always try running it through my music  editing software and seeing if that fixes it for you. Anyways, the links are below

Convert to MP3

Convert to WAV

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Subject: Any good Hex Editors?

Hi, it's Annabelle.

I found something interesting on the Internet, about how to fix broken .wav files that won't open in any players. Someone named Scott Hanselman said something about using a binary file editor, specifically a Hex editor, to fix the headers. However, I'm not sure where I can find any good Hex editors that would work with JAWS. Anybody have any pointers? I've tried Notepad++, but all I get when I read the file line-by-line is a bunch of weird code.

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