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paul lemm


As for shutting down, if you're talking about shutting the actual laptop down, you can press windows key and x, then press u and then u again , which is a shortcut key for shutting down. Or instead of pressing u the second time you can use arrows up and down to move through different shut down options such as restart, sleep etc. I don't know what type of lap top you have, my laptop although it doesn't have function keys, if I press the key that would usually be the f4 key, it works as if I've pressed alt and f4 , but without needing to press alt. hope that last part made sense lol


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Just to let you know, i'm now back on the list, and hope to be for a while.

Have now got my new computer, and although i'm getting on not too bad, i'm finding a lot of the keys very different.

More so, the F keys, as there seem to be a lot of extra ones.

Can't find how to shutdown, as there doesn't seem to be an F4 key.

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