Re: Back on list

Maria Campbell

There is always an f4 function, doing different things depending on how it is set.  In order to set the functions keys to work with JAWS, the function keys that do Lenovo things need to be turned off in the bios, requiring a sighted person to do this.  I know because I just went thru it.

Maria Campbell

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On 2/15/2018 5:53 PM, Val Paul wrote:
Just to let you know, i'm now back on the list, and hope to be for a while.

Have now got my new computer, and although i'm getting on not too bad, i'm finding a lot of the keys very different.

More so, the F keys, as there seem to be a lot of extra ones.

Can't find how to shutdown, as there doesn't seem to be an F4 key.

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