Skype and Jaws 2018


Hello list,

Was wondering if anyone’s been using the latest Skype (be it the desktop or Windows 10 app) with a telephone number and whether they’ve been able to perform basic functions with Jaws? I know the Skype topic has come up recently in the past and how there are some accessibility challenges with it. But it looks like there’s a nasty Skype for desktop exploit out there and since I don’t use the chat features, but rather just the phone aspect, thus my inquiry.

I saw that Brian Hartgen commented on Twitter that he’s been using the Windows 10 app and is pleased with it. I know Brian’s probably considered an advanced power user, so maybe he knows how to work around stuff maybe more than the “average” computer user.

Microsoft accessibility has acknowledged the accessibility difficulties with the latest Skype updates, but as of yet, nothing’s been done about it.

IN any event, I’m still on Skype for desktop 7.4 and using the latest Jaws 2018. Again, I’m mainly interested in the telephone aspect of the program and if it’s still workable with Jaws. Be it the dedicated desktop app or the universal Windows 10 app.




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