using dragon dictate with jaws

mike mcglashon

Hi guys:

I am using jaws2018 with win 10;

Am also using dragon dictate professional v15 with j-dictate 1.2;

I would appreciate it if I only hear from those who use dragon with jaws and the j-dictate bridge;

If you don’t know please do not reply;

Is there anyone who uses jaws with this product regularly successfully?


I have attempted to reach out to the originator of the j-dictate program with jaws,

Mr. Brian Hartgen, who seems to be more concerned with difference between u s time and british time;

He prefers to only communicate by email,

This will not do for I need someone who can watch what my computer does with these combination of programs;

He referred me to the j-dictate manual,

For I am not a technical person;

Am in law school, and all I wish to do is get my system working with these products;

Please help anyone!!!!

There’s money in it for whomever is successful in getting me up and running.

Americans only please apply;


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