Re: JAWS Failed to obtain the list of task tray icons

Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

Windows B is the Windows command to get to the Systems Tray.


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Subject: JAWS Failed to obtain the list of task tray icons

using version 16, pressing insert+f11, JAWS "Failed to obtain the list of task tray icons". so I ran the executable and chose the repair. but after the reboot, insert+f11 still repeats the message. what should I do to get the list of system tray icons back? I even saved a fresh copy of the J16 download appropriate for my computer, started the repair, and got the same messages as previously mentioned.

after choosing the repair button two times and before the process initiated, I noticed, I got the following message "Failed to extract the installer for vcredist64.". I don't know what it does, but the repair proceeded fine. I also noticed if I elected not to reboot but did restart, there was a dialog that resembles a dialog from the UAC, but there wasn't enough time to determine what triggered the UAC.
if only there was a way to capture a screen reader readable version of the dialog/message before it goes off screen. something that survives a wipeout due to a reboot. anybody got an idea how I can achieve this?

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