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Here is how I do it:

1. Press Jaws Key+F11 to bring up the system tray items
2. Find your speakers/volume, it may say "Speakers" followed by a sound volume in percent like 70%, it may also say "Realtec" or whatever your soundcard manufacturer is, but it's pretty obvious
3. Press enter on that, you now have a little submenu with things like Open Volume Mixer, Playback Devices, Recording Devices, Sounds and pissibly Volume Control Options. These are the items on my Windows 7 computer (I'm at work), but 'Windows 10 should be similar, just look for "Sounds" and press enter.
4. You are now probably on the "Windows Default" sound scheme, press tab until you find "Play Windows Startup Sound" and make sure it is checked.
5. Make sure you continue to tab after you check it until you get to OK and then press enter or spacebar.

Now if you also make sure Fast Startup is disabled (I posted the steps for this in my last email) you should get the Windows Startup sound. Of course if you have set Jaws to speak at the login screen you should also hear Jaws starting to speak, if you enable the startup sound it will be almost at the same time or right after the startup sound plays.


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do you go into control pannel to get into sounds?

On 08/02/2018 22:49, John Covici wrote:
I get a startup sound just fine -- go into sounds and shift tab and
right arrow till it says sound schemes and see if the box is checked
for startup sound.

On Thu, 08 Feb 2018 17:03:33 -0500,
Bill White wrote:
I agree with you. Sometimes JAWS wouldn't start up, but at least I got the music, and would know my computer was booted. Then I'd just press my JAWS hotkey, and start it up. This way, I just have to guess when the PC is booted if JAWS fails to start at boot up.

Bill White

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When windows 7 was on the go, when you put it on to boot up, there
used to be a sort of jingle, but windows 10 doesn't have that.

I used to like that, then you could be sure your computer was
actually booted up!

Would be good to know what other peoples opinions are.

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