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Val Paul


My laptop does have an Fn key.

I called the company i bought the computer from, and because he didn't have the manuel with him he's going to check it out, and called me in the morning.  He said that he's almost sure that there is a function key.

I also called the HP support line, before i spoke to the company I bought it from but the guy was extremely rude,because my friend [who has also got poor sight] gave me the wrong number. He told me that as i didn't have the correct information, he couldn't help, and i was using line space!

He also said, that i should have put my request online that is how they work before you can call them. He said that most people can find the answer they're looking for on site instead of calling them.


On 08/02/2018 18:55, mati87 wrote:
Hi Val,

Recent HP Laptops do not have a fn key to turn off the Touchpad. Usually there is a small point in the upper right or left corner directly on the touchpad which you have to double tap in order to disable or reenable it.


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Hi Jennifer!

Which make of laptop do you have?

I have an Hp, and have been on to their site to try to find out the function keys to turn touchpad on and off, but have had no luck.


On 07/02/2018 22:44, Jennifer Jackson wrote:
I seem to have had success  toggling the touchpad with the FN and F5 combination. I use seem because JAWS does not actually say anything when I use the function key in any combination. I do appreciate having been inspired to figure out how to toggle the touchpad though as I think that is going to be very useful.

Jennifer J

On Feb 7, 2018, at 11:24 AM, Maria Campbell <lucky1inct@...> wrote:

You might have a touch pad right under the keys that you might be hitting accidentally.  It needs to be turned off.  For your own sanity, the sooner you get an external keyboard, probably the better.

Maria Campbell

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On 2/7/2018 12:19 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

My guess is that you might accidently touch the TouchPad and that this takes you to the desktop. Get somebody to check your function keys, there is usually one which disables the TouchPad and this may very well solve much of your problem. Having said this, I rarely type on my laptop when I am at home and prefer a Logitech wireless keyboard (I have the Logitech K780).


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Hi Carol!

Thanks so much.

Having a real bad day with this little madam of a computer!

Could be in the middle of writing an email, then, suddenly, it will revert back to desktop.

My friend told me that when windows updates itsself, this is what happens!

Is this correct?




On 07/02/2018 12:17, Carol Smith via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Val,

I have not finished reading my email, so your question may have already been answered.  But, in case it was not, here is the easiest way to shut down your PC.  First, go to the desktop.
Press alt-F4
Find out where shutdown is on your PC.
Mine happens to be the next to last option, so I press the end key and up arrow one time. 
Press enter on shutdown and you are finished.

Hope this helps.


On 2/6/2018 8:05 PM, Val Paul wrote:

Hi David!



On 06/02/2018 23:04, David Moore wrote:

Hi all!

First of all, you can do even more in Win10 than you could in Windows 7, but you have to know what to do.

Here is how you navigate the start area in Win10.I suppose when you've been used to something for so long, sometimes you don't like change!  {like me}

I find that as i'm getting older, it's harder to memorize things and keep them in that brain!
You said you had Windows 10 guides, i'm very interested in that.
The thing i'd like to know, is how to close down your computer.


Press the Windows key, and you are in a search box. Tab once, and you will hear mike. If you enter there, you can ask Cortana a question, just like asking SIRI.

If you tab past the mike, you are in a list. The power button is there, and your account button to open your Microsoft account. Tab again, and you are on your list of apps and programs. Now, you can down arrow through all of your programs. Tab past that, and you are on your app tiles. You can use all arrow keys to go from tile to tile, just like on a phone. Instead of all of that, though, you can just type the program or app you want to bring up in the search edit box.

For example, type:

Notepad in the search edit box, and you will hear Notepad as one of your choices. Just press enter, and Notepad will open. It is that simple to find a program and open it in the search area that is in Windows 7 as well. I have a lot of tutorials on using Windows 10, if you would like them. Windows 10 is different, but you can do everything you did in Windows 7, you just have to do it differently.

David Moore

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From: Val Paul
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I'm afraid you're going to find that things we were able to do with the old windows, we can't do any more.

They seem to go round the houses before you can do an application.

I much prefer windows 7.




On 06/02/2018 17:38, Gery Gaubert wrote:

Before the big windows 10 update I could press the windows key and arrow through all of the choices.  I could use the arrow keys to select all programs and other things.  I am unable to do this now.  Does anyone know how to get this resolved?  






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