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Gudrun Brunot

Thanks, Mike. I'll try that.


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Hi Gudrun,

Arrow down through the Tree View list of entries you have put into the
dictionary manager. When you find,apostrophe = whatever sound you chose,
tab to the, delete button, press the spacebar, & press the spacebar again on
the, Yes, confirmation button. Press, control + S, to save, & Alt + F4 to
close. Note: There are certain apostrophe marks that are a real pain in
the ass to get Jaws to not announce. I don't know why, but they just are,
or I just haven't been going about it the right way!
Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool.
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Subject: apostrophe problem

Hi gang: I read about someone who wanted to reduce the punctuation marks
announced. I often run into an issue where apostrophe is used at the
beginning of a statement within a dialogue, and also at the end. I thought I
should experiment with the dictionary manager and get a sound instead. Well,
I got a sound, but it isn't working the way I like, and I'd like to undo
what I did. How on earth do I get rid of this? The apostrophe doesn't show
on my braille display either, so I really did something brilliant, hm.

Thankful for any help.

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