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In addition to OCR, you might want to see if the JAWS Graphics labeler can
help you give names to those "missing" buttons.

Position the JAWS cursor on one of the buttons and press Insert+G to see
what happens.

Then there's the auto-graphic labeler, Insert+Ctrl+G. That might also yield
some results.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: [Bulk] Jaws 13 and scripts

I installed Jaws 13 on my XP Home desktop and it seems to be working pretty

But, I am still using Money 98.

I've been using the scripts that David Maynard created for Money 98 and they
have always worked beautifully.

I compiled the scripts like I have always done with each version of Jaws.

For the most part, the program is still functional, but some of the buttons
no longer are announced.

If anyone has a suggestion for what I might try it would be appreciated.


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