Re: jaws issues


thats the fourth key. grin
with my keyboard there is a 1/2 inch space between the f4 and f5 keys.

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Val, when you are on the desktop, you can close your computer the way you always used to. Press the ALT key and hold it down. Then, if your function keys aren’t being used as media keys, press the F4 key which should be the fifth key from the left, at the top of the keyboard.

Your computer should say,

Shut Down Windows dialog
Select the option that best describes why you want to shut down the computer
What do you want the computer to do? Combo box
Shut down

Then just press ENTER. If your function keys aren’t working this way, you need someone to go into the UEFI and turn off Media Keys. This requires a sighted person who knows how to get into the BIOS or UEFI before the computer boots.

Bill White

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