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Robert Logue

Are you saying you can get at all the areas of Itunes by using tab and the arrow keys and it behaves predictably?

I ask because Jaws and Itunes don't make sense to me.  I've tried changing various recommend settings.

Jaws 18 also stops talking at times.

I've used Itunes for years. This is about the worst version to me.I keep using it because I have Apple Music subscription and an iPhone. 

It seems like most vips think it's OK.


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I also use iTunes with JAWS 2018 on a Windows 10 computer, and I don’t have any access problems, so I’m not sure what’s going on.



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Is there something one should do to use ITunes? With jaws 2018 in

windows 10?

I can not find the list of my songs. I wish to make play list on my IPhone.


Thank you for all your help!


Mark F.


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