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Hi Carol,
Typically speaking the default settings of CCleaner shouldn't remove anything that could prove to be vital, but, that doesn't mean the default settings work / are best for everyone.  Navigating the settings is somewhat a pain in the rear, & the use of the Jaws cursor is necessary.  To take a look at the default settings, try the following:
1. Open CCleaner & tab to the Tree View.  These settings are for Windows & Internet Explorer.
2. Rout the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor, Jaws key + NumPad minus / Jaws cursor key.  Now arrow down, & many of the checkboxes Jaws will not announce unless you press the spacebar, but pay close attention to if Jaws reports checked or unchecked!  If you press the spacebar & Jaws reports, checked, that means that it was unchecked & you just checked it by pressing the spacebar.  So, press the spacebar again to uncheck it, & put the setting back to the default setting.
3. Tab 1 time & Jaws will report, Windows, so right arrow to, Applications.  These settings will be for Firefox & other browsers & programs.  Now, shift + tab to put you into the Tree Biew list of settings for these applications / programs.  Navigate these the same way as above, with extreme caution!
4. After you are through checking out the Windows & Application settings, tab to, Registry, & press the spacebar.  Jaws won't report anything, but it has been selected.
5. Tab to Tree View Registry Cleaner, & you will navigate this list of settings just like in step#2, with extreme caution!
Okay, the above is a quick explanation of how to navigate the settings for just a couple of tools that are available in CCleaner, but if you want to learn more about CCleaner it would be best to read aboutit from their Homepage.
Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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Yes, but what about us folks that don't know which things should be removed?  I have had things disappear that I did not know about until I needed them.  I stopped using it because I couldn't figure out what things should stay or go.  Typically, I would not mess with anything having to do with the registry. 


On 2/6/2018 4:25 PM, Mike B. wrote:
As a support technician you shouldn't assume that all Jaws / computer users are as experienced / savvy as yourself!  They're not asking for help because they find it easy!  Please give them tips on how to use the program as they asked instead of simply telling them it's easy!
Below are some tips:
One thing about CCleaner out of the box, Jaws reads everything as buttons.  To make Jaws read the buttons as checkboxes do the following:
From: Dennis L
Hi, if you want jaws to read the status of the buttons in Tools, Options, & Settings do the following.
1. Find an option you know the status of.
2. Press, Insert + 7, on the number row above the main keyboard.
It will say add configuration file.   The name
should say Ccleaner64 press enter
Then it will say edit button. 
Tab once arrow down to check box. 
Tab to add class button press space bar.   Then to ok. 
From: Stormin
Once inside C-Cleaner:
A: Tab over to clean if that is your choice. Then  hit the space bar. Then
shift + tab to Analyze, press the spacebar, (you will hear the percentages) and then tab to
clean and what I do is shift tab back once and you will hear the list what
it found.  Press, Control + A, to highlight them all, tab to the Run Cleaner button, press the spacebar, the cleaner will remove everything that was selected, & you're done.
B: Doing the same but with the registry. Space bar and then tab to Scan and
percentages you will hear and then Highlight what It finds and tab to fix
enter and tab it will say fix or fix or repair all and ..
I am sure there is a person that can explain it much better than this farmer
up in Maine. Really easy to use the program. Along with using for removing
programs from  your computer if you like!
Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
Arguing with a woman is like reading a software license agreement.  In the end you have to ignore everything, & click I agree.
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That app is very easy to use.



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Don't quote me on this! My friend says it's a very visual thing, because i was hoping the same thing.




On 06/02/2018 19:54, Nino Dagostino wrote:



Does any body know of a good tutorial for using ccleaner with Jaws?


Thank you, thank you for the warning about installing Avas.


Have a good day.




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