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David Bailes

Hi Val and Bill,
just to note that you can save the guides. However, the advantage of using the ones on the internet is that from time to time I make corrections or additions to the online versions, and so you'll be automatically using the updated versions.

Each guide does contain many links, but most of them are links to different parts of the same guide. If you want to download a guide, then one way to do it is by using a link to that guide. You can just open the link's context menu, and choose something like save target as. The exact wording varies between browsers.

As to cost, the guides are free,

On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 10:17 am, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Val and list. Here is the link to all the JAWS guides. They are not pdf files. You read them on the Internet with your Internet browser. They cannot be saved, because there are hyperlinks within the guides which lead to other tutorials and resources. I am posting the link to the homepage where all the JAWS Guides are found.

Bill White

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Someone was advertising guides for windows, [Think his name was David]

where can you get them? Do they come in pdf files and what is the cost?

Val from uk.

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