Re: How do you unprotect?

Shirley Tracy

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I only unprotected the one document I needed to print, and it worked fine. I truly appreciate this list.

Shirley Tracy

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I think using the f6 and tabbing to "enable" and hitting enter whas worked
at least since Office 2007. It only unprotects the document you are
currently using but that I the way I prefer to do it. I don't want to turn
off "protected view" for everything.

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Interesting question. For both Jeff and Kevin which version of office
does these steps work? I have run into the same issue with a MS Word
document. Does these steps also work for MS Word? I personally did not
know what to do and ended up opening the protected Word document inside
Open Book. That worked and I could then read it. I doubt that would work
for an Excel documents since you are dealing with all those columns and

Thanks for answers to the above questions.


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Alt F, I, E.

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Someone sent me an Excel document that I am supposed to print for them.
But it is protected. Is there a JAWS command that will unprotect it?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
Shirley Tracy

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