Re: Getting to the GMail inbox in Outlook

Laura Richardson

Hi Ann,

Once you're in the gmail inbox;
Press control + Y
Arrow down once and you'll hear "left bracket gmail right bracket closed"
Press right arrow and you'll hear "open"
Now you can arrow down and find the other folders such as trash, etc.

Hope this helps ......


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this is helpful. However, getting to the inbox isn't the problem. When I
press control+y I can get to inbox, junk mail, and perhaps one other folder,
but not sent items, outbox, deleted items. Sometimes I can tinker and get
there, but I'm not sure how it happens. I need to open up the GMail
account, but neither enter nor right arrow seems to do it.
At 11:43 AM 2/4/2018, you wrote:

I myself have four e-mail accounts configured in Outlook, and
navigating between them is not difficult. I recommend the following steps:
1. From within any mail folder, press Ctrl y to open the folder tree view.
2. Use first-letter navigation to navigate to the Gmail account in the
tree view.
3. Press right arrow to open the list of folders for the Gmail account.
4. Down arrow or press i for inbox. In all the years I've used Outlook,
I had to down arrow only once for the inbox, but your student's setup
might be different.
5. Press Enter, and you will be taken to the message list.

Let me know if this was helpful.



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Subject: Getting to the GMail inbox in Outlook

My student is using Outlook 2010 to read her mail from GMail. There is
a GMail entry, level 0; above it, though is another whole menu of
Outlook mailboxes. Can I get rid of this somehow--to do list, RSS,
etc., at least hide it? How does she get to the mailboxes in the GMail
account? She wants to find sent mail, but it is only available in the
other Outlook mailbox collection, not under GMail. Rescue would be



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