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Lynda, there isn't a typing tutorial built into JAWS (you'd have to get
a program for a typing tutorial), but it does have a feature that will
allow you to explore the keyboard so you can get familiar where keys on
the keyboard are located. you can enable this feature by pressing
insert+1 , that's the 1 above the letters. notice that pressing
combinations of keys, like control+a, announces what that combination
does. if you press the a twice while holding the control down, JAWS will
give you a more detailed description of what the combination does. this
also applies to JAWS specific combinations like insert+page down, as
well as (I think) Windows combinations.

when you're done exploring the keyboard, just press insert+1 to disable
"keyboard help".

BTW, NVDA has the same feature using the same insert+1 to enable and
disable the feature.

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Sent: Friday, Feb 2, 2018 9:18 PM EST
Subject: Gmail

I’m using JAWS version 18 and trying to copy info from word document and
paste into gmail email. However, it will not paste. Is this a JAWS issue
or browser issue? I’m using internet browser. When I paste the info, it
enters symbols but says something about scripts.
Also, is there a typing tutor built into JAWS?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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