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Barbara <batterseye@...>

I have used Craig's list mostly for garage sales and occasionally for other items.  The best thing for me is to go to the category I am interested in.  After entering on that, I look to see how many listings there are.  If it is in the hundreds (which is normally is), I use the JAWS find to word search for key terms.  In your case the word laptop.  Press F3 to go to each match on that page.  Do this for each page in that category.  To listen to the entire list is crazy especially when it is a long list over several pages.  Once you find something of interest, then I enter on it to read the details to find out if I am actually interested.  If I am, I will use the select/copy command and paste the key details  in a word file so I do not need to find this again.  Also once you have entered on an ad, the visited jaws internet hot key will work, so that can speed navigation as well if you do want to return to send an email or to verify information.  Keep in mind the list is fluid because as new ads ar placed, they go to the top of the list and the other ads move down one.  If the item is sold or for some other reason, it can disappear.


This is my two cents worth.


Good luck shopping.




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Evening Folks


Does anyone on here use craigslist on any sort of regular basis and can make any suggestions for navigating the site…it has been a disaster for me since I lost all my usable vision and migrated to JAWS. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for an inexpensive laptop for testing purposes and want to look at my different options between craigslist and various facebook buy & sell groups.






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