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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Paul. I just tried with Edge, and ALT plus D works there. So, if your
friend has an open URL in Edge, press ALT plus D, then the HOME key, then
SHIFT plus the END key, this will select the entire URL. Now he can copy the
URL with CONTROL plus C, then paste into Outlook with CONTROL plus V.

Bill White

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Subject: Quick way to paste URL into an email

Hi all. I've got a friend on Windows 10 using the Edge browser who recently
asked me if there is a quick way to paste an
open URL into an email message body text. I'm still on Windows 7 so I can't
help. Any suggestions? She's using Outlook
for email, if it matters.

On Win7, with both IE and Chrome, I know this works: alt+D to go to the
address bar, control+C to copy, then in the
message body control+V to paste. I also know Chrome has a menu with an
option to copy the URL, but I don't know a
keyboard shortcut to get there any easier than what I just described.

If I'm on Safari in Mac OS X using VoiceOver, I can do the equivalent:
Command+L to jump to address bar, command+C to
copy, then command+V in the message body text. I also know the Safari
toolbar has a share button, but again there's no
slick way to jump there quickly by default, as far as I know.

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