Quick way to paste URL into an email

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. I've got a friend on Windows 10 using the Edge browser who recently asked me if there is a quick way to paste an
open URL into an email message body text. I'm still on Windows 7 so I can't help. Any suggestions? She's using Outlook
for email, if it matters.

On Win7, with both IE and Chrome, I know this works: alt+D to go to the address bar, control+C to copy, then in the
message body control+V to paste. I also know Chrome has a menu with an option to copy the URL, but I don't know a
keyboard shortcut to get there any easier than what I just described.

If I'm on Safari in Mac OS X using VoiceOver, I can do the equivalent: Command+L to jump to address bar, command+C to
copy, then command+V in the message body text. I also know the Safari toolbar has a share button, but again there's no
slick way to jump there quickly by default, as far as I know.

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