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paul lemm

Khi Val,

Couple of things you could try, first press windows key and X, this brings up a list , the first item should be apps and features, click this then tab to the list of installed programs, scroll through the list to find your program and hit enter on it then press tab, normally the first option is modify , tab again and then the next option Is usually uninstall. If that doesn't work, press the windows key, then press up, then to the right, this brings up a list of programs just keep pressing down until you find the program, press enter on it to expand the folder and there may be an uninstall option in here. I'm not sure, what they mean by system disk, I would think they mean press windows key and E to bring up file explorer , then find your list of drives, you would want the one called either local drive - c drive, or I've seen it called windows drive before too, click this, then go to program files (there will be two one called just program files and one called program files x86) it could be in either of these depending on the program, but you should find the program in one of the lists, you could open the folder and see if this uninstall file is in here. But word of caution , I'm not 100% sure this is what they mean by system disk, although I can't think anything else they would mean, but if your new to windows the local drive holds all your system files so be very careful in here not to delete anything, definitely do not delete the program folder from here as this will not remove it from your PC but may cause you system problems if you do, basically as a general rule never delete anything from this drive as they are all system files. I'd definitely try my first two options first.


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I recently purchased an antivirus from a company but found it was too visual and I couldn't do a scan myself. I got this on Saturday and applied for a refund and the accounts department were very good about it.

When I purchased the antivirus, they actually installed it via remote support, but when i contacted them this, they told me to go into the control pannel to programs and features to uninstall it that way.

I have done this, but its not there!

Since then, i've been back to them to ask them if they'll uninstall it for me as i couldn't find it in control pannel. They're refusing to do this, and have told me to go into the system disc, and i'll find their uninstall program there.

I haven't a clue how to do this as i've only had hp for 2 weeks.

Can someone help please?

Sorry to have written such a long explaination.


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