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I've also seen some quirks with JAWS 13.

1. Often when closing out an html E-Mail for the first time in a given day,
it will "take a breath" for about 15 seconds before I get back to JAWS

If I delete rows or columns from Excel 2007 it takes quite a while for JAWS
to come back speaking.

Many web pages do not come up speaking, having me stuck in the address bar
area. Requires that I press Ctrl+F6 to get back on to the page. Sometimes I
even have to use the JAWS cursor and left click to get back to the page.

These things never happened with JAWS 11/12.

Dave Carlson
Sent from my Dell Latitude E6520 using Windows 7, San Francisco Bay Area

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You may be on to something. This machine exhibits quirks I've never
seen anywhere else. Alt say all has never worked, and JAWS 13 exhibits
a strange problem when doing heavy Internet work. It just gets slower
and slower, until I'm forced to either reload 10 (sometimes that doesn't
help) or reboot. Also, when sending a spreadsheet from Outlook 07, the
to field appears to be empty--I can't see what I just typed.

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I have had another problem with my Dell since I first got it. There is
no way to keep the FS mirror display driver enabled from session to
session. I have worked with JFW tech support as well as dell and the
only solution anyone has come up with is before I shut down,, I go into
the device manager and enable the seetting and when I reboot, it is fine
untill I shut down without remembering to reset it. Has anyone else ever
had this problem?

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