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Val Paul

Forgot to say, using the latest version of windows 10.

On 30/01/2018 12:55, Chris wrote:

As a side note  most software have a trial period before you choose to buy

This is something to consider next time before purchasing a online software product

To uninstall it will depend on what version of windows you are using

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Hit the windows key

In the edit field type in add remove programs and hit enter

Tab to you get to the list of programs on your device

Arrow down to the name of the program and hit enter

Tab to remove and hit enter and follow the prompts

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Subject: Deleting program from system disc


I recently purchased an antivirus from a company but found it was too visual and I couldn't do a scan myself. I got this on Saturday and applied for a refund and the accounts department were very good about it.

When I purchased the antivirus, they actually installed it via remote support, but when i contacted them this, they told me to go into the control pannel to programs and features to uninstall it that way.

I have done this, but its not there!

Since then, i've been back to them to ask them if they'll uninstall it for me as i couldn't find it in control pannel. They're refusing to do this, and have told me to go into the system disc, and i'll find their uninstall program there.

I haven't a clue how to do this as i've only had hp for 2 weeks.

Can someone help please?

Sorry to have written such a long explaination.


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