Re: Removable disk shortcut?

David Bailes

Hi Elaine,
just to add that an alternative to using a shortcut is to use the search available in the start menu. For example to open File explorer at your C drive:
1. open the start menu.
2. type the letter C followed by a colon, and then press enter.


On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 11:04 am, Elaine Young wrote:

I am having a senior moment. I have done this before but just can't work
through the process right now.

Can someone tell me the steps to create a shortcut on my desktop to
access my removable disk? I frequently need to access flash drives 
plugged into the computer and like to have "removable disk" right on my
desktop . I think I press windows key, type in this PC, hit enter and I
find "devices and drives, row header expanded" -- but I just can't find
the CD, e or f drive, and I really would like to make it all a shortcut.

Am I making sense to you? Just not sure how to explain what I want to
do.  smile.


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