Re: JAWS and Excel issue #jaws #excel

Brenda Emerson-Alford

Yes, I still continue to have problems with Excel not responding.  There is no specific pattern.  Yesterday I was working on a spreadsheet with my husband.  I was not editing the spreadsheet but just cross checking information.  After about 15 minutes JAWS stop responding or when to a mode where it takes at least 30 seconds every time I move to another cell or edit.  I would have to exit out of Excel, exit off my computer and then restart.  This happened three times before I was able to complete my task.  I am currently using the most updated version of Excel 2016 and the most updated version of Windows 10 with the latest updated version of JAWS 18.  I would love any possible solutions.





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Subject: JAWS and Excel issue #JAWS #Excel


Hi Everyone,

is anyone experiencing very slow responses with Excel and Jaws? Both stop responing as soon as i edit a cell. It takes about 5 to 10 seconds for excel to respond. This issue is not present without JAWS running in the background. I've tried several setups Windows7 Windows10 with JAWS 15 to 2018 and Excel 2010,2016 and its always the same behaviour. 

Any ideas?



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