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That also has never been a problem. I would not have put up with that one
very long and my IT person would have been brought to task for not fixing

It may be that your Dell has a video card that's just not happy with JAWS,
or that you have another mirror driver (like Dameware) that's interfering.
You might want to check for that. I do not let anyone work on my laptop
remotely if their process requires installing a mirror driver.

Dave Carlson
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I have had another problem with my Dell since I first got it. There is no
way to keep the FS mirror display driver enabled from session to session. I
have worked with JFW tech support as well as dell and the only solution
anyone has come up with is before I shut down,, I go into the device manager
and enable the seetting and when I reboot, it is fine untill I shut down
without remembering to reset it. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

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