Re: JAWS question about picking out greeting cards online with total blindness

Bill Tessore

Well Mike, I have heard there’s an app called “Seeing A I” which can read higly stylized text that other portable OCR software can’t. But I’ve not tested it independently. My Visual Impairment Services Team coordinator showed me how it works with her iPhone and it picked up text that KNFB Reader didn’t. Hope this helps. Shalom, Bill Tessore

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On Jan 29, 2018, at 5:59 AM, Walker, Michael E <michael.e.walker3@...> wrote:

Hi, in the past, I have had sighted people help me with picking out greeting cards that have visual decorations. For those of you who are totally blind, how do you do it completely independently? I know there are sites like Greeting Card Universe. I also know that how descriptive the card's decoration will be depends on the web designer. Is it best to do this independently, or would you still advise having a sighted person check the card I wanted, before ordering?


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