Re: an odd problem, I hope someone may help to solve.: no sound from JAWS afterunpluggingfrom headphone jack


Thanks, Dave.
I'm afraid I have to report it was no dice with that solution.
Under my Sound Card options in the JAWS Utilities, there is no listing for Headphones.
The Windows Sound Default is checked already.
Other ideas?

As it happens, I just got finished with an extended session with Freedom Scientific tech support.
The result was that no one could figure it out.
They used a Tandem JAWS session with me. The tech conferred with several others while with me.
They tried several things, exploring and changing many of the settings in my pc's sound settings, to no avail.

We even closed JAWS 13 and launched version 12, to find exactly the similar behavior.
We used other voice profiles, SAPI and realspeak. Same thing.
There is sound from JAWS only when the headphone jack is plugged in. Other sound devices work fine from speakers connected to the audio jack on back of my pc.

Finally I have just plugged my speakers into the headphone jack. They are very little speakers, not big ones. but at least I can use JAWS and not be tethered by the headphones.

We then even tried this. We launched Microsoft Narrator. And guess what? The behavior is the same. It only speaks with the headphone jack engaged. So from this, the FS conclusion or hypothesis was that perhaps something weird has happened to my sound card, as it relates to the performance of the text to speech engine.

I do not have any particular technical skill to tackle this, as far as what to try next.

I don't expect my tech support session with Dell, will be completely easy. But I guess that is what is needed at this point. And I will have to do it another time. Lots to do, already a bit late from this unanticipated tech glitch.

Thanks very much for any and all thoughts and suggestions.


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Sure. You've got JAWS exclusively pointing to that headphone jack as its
only allowed device. When you disconnect, you lose JAWS.

First, while the headphone jack is connected (so you can hear):
Go to the JAWS application with Insert+J
Utilities menu
Sound Card Submenu
Arrow through the list (usually at least two)
Select Windows default instead of your headphones

that should fix it.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: an odd problem,I hope someone may help to solve.: no sound from
JAWS afterunplugging from headphone jack

Yes, I am in a bit of an emergency here.
I have this issue which I do not have a clue how to resolve.
I have no sound coming from JAWS 13 after unplugging from my Dell XPS 8300
Windows Home Premium's headphone jack.
When I check for other sound, yes, the media player plays music, etc. But
JAWS is absolutley silent until I again plug into the headphone jack.
I have rebooted my machine, with the same issue.
When plugging back into the headphone jack, JAWS speaks up saying the
regular, "You have plugged a device into the audio jack." And when I unplug
the headphones, the tool tip says the opposite, but JAWS is silent for that,
or any other screen reading function until plugging back into the audio
headphone jack.

I hope someone may help with a possible solution.

I have not made any changes in my JAWS settings, nor in my computer's sound
One thing I looked at was that under Utilities in JAWS, under Sound Card it
says I am using Windows default sound card.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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