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Dave Durber

Hello Linda:

1. Go to an email message you want to delete.

2. Make sure JAWS is on the line where you know the check box should be located.

3. Route the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor

4. Use the JAWS Read Current Line command. Hopefully, JAWS will tell you that the check box is unchecked, which is the default

5. If JAWS does not confirm the status of the check box, follow steps 1 and 2 above, Tap the SPACE BAR, which should check the check box.

6. Go to the delete button and press ENTER. If the message has been checked, JAWS will speak the prompt, asking you to confirm whether you want to send the message to the Trash folder.



Dave Durber

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Good afternoon. I’m hoping that Someone can help me. I’m trying to select more than one email to delete at a time and the space bar and the enter key are not checking my emails in Google. It has worked in the past but is not working even though I have it in the basic HTML setting. Any suggestions?

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