an odd problem, I hope someone may help to solve.: no sound from JAWS after unplugging from headphone jack


Yes, I am in a bit of an emergency here.
I have this issue which I do not have a clue how to resolve.
I have no sound coming from JAWS 13 after unplugging from my Dell XPS 8300 Windows Home Premium's headphone jack.
When I check for other sound, yes, the media player plays music, etc. But JAWS is absolutley silent until I again plug into the headphone jack.
I have rebooted my machine, with the same issue.
When plugging back into the headphone jack, JAWS speaks up saying the regular, "You have plugged a device into the audio jack." And when I unplug the headphones, the tool tip says the opposite, but JAWS is silent for that, or any other screen reading function until plugging back into the audio headphone jack.

I hope someone may help with a possible solution.

I have not made any changes in my JAWS settings, nor in my computer's sound settings.
One thing I looked at was that under Utilities in JAWS, under Sound Card it says I am using Windows default sound card.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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