Re: emailing with jaws

inamuddin khan

Dear, which email client you are using?

Are you using JAWS 2018 December update?

Suppose if you are using windows 10 mail app with JAWS 2018.1712.10, then freedomscientific has got a fix for your problem.

To learn more about it,

Please visit:


With regards from Inamuddin with the Skype ID:




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From: Val Paul
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 10:39 PM
Subject: emailing with jaws


Hi Guys!


Has anyone had any difficulty when writing emails with jaws?


The reason i'm asking, is that when i write a message and go to send or

after i've sent, and check my sent folder, the message i've sent has

been all jumbeled up.  [Eg] The first line could be at the end of the

email, and the signature could be in the middle.


I was talking to a friend who has a different screen reader, and she

says they all do that.


Is that the case?








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