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Mike and Mario,

I do not think that you can boot directly into Windows 10 like you could in Windows 7 and earlier versions. Microsoft is so concerned with security that it does not matter if you use a home or professional version. You still have to click through the lock screen to get the sign in screen. After you enter your password, you focus on the desktop.
Until you mentioned it, I had not noticed that the desktop is not in the tab order. I like being able to focus running programs with ALT+TAB. When I need to focus the desktop, I use WINDOWS+D.

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Mike, from a note I saved from some discussion somewhere (I'm not sure if it still applies to the Fall Creators update):

if you want your windows 10 to load directly on to the desktop,

you need to go into, ctrl panel and taskbar properties.

now, go to navigation and tab until you hear "When I sign in, go to the Desktop instead of the Start Screen".

this box needs to be checked.

did this work?

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*Hi All,*
*Running Jaws 16 thru 2018 latest & Windows 10 Pro Creator latest.  I've been searching the Internet & through 10's settings for a setting that I can use for Windows 10 to boot to the desktop when starting, & also how to put the desktop in the, Alt + Tab , order.  Well, I haven't had any luck, & if anyone knows how to accomplish the above tasks', would you please be kind enough to share?!  All help will be greatly appreciated, & gratefully accepted.  Thanks much.* *Take care. Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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