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GV-Knope, John (Greenville)

Hi Val,

I would try to develop a relationship with a local vendor. Since this appears to be a new computer, any HP dealers should be able to help.

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Me again!

How do I find where this key or programme is? I've never owned an hp before its always been a dell, but Sight and Sound don't sell them any more.

Thanks so much.


On 24/01/2018 00:43, Joseph Lee wrote:
On many laptops, Fn key is to the right of the left Control key, with left Control key being the bottom left corner key.
For HP models, you'll need to change this from device firmware (BIOS/UEFI). Certain makers (notably Toshiba and Lenovo) have either a program or a hotkey to set which way you want (traditional F1 to F12 or media keys).

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Where is the fn key?

My computer is hp and i got it from sight and sound. I don't know the actual model number.


On 23/01/2018 22:04, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
That is my first thought, try to use Insert+FN+F4, if that asks you if you want to turn off Jaws then you need to figure out based on your laptop model, how to set it up so you don't have to press the FN key together with a function key.
Just as an example ( a bit different but essentially the same issue), I purchased a Logitech K780 keyboard which can be used as a bluetooth keyboard but it also has a USB dongle in case you use it with a computer that has no bluetooth. It also supports up to 3 devices and it uses F1, F2 and F3 to switch to those devices if they are set up. When I first got the keyboard the function keys would only work if pressed trogether with FN which I assume is what is happening with your laptop.
I had to download an application called Logitech Options in order to turn that feature off, now if I want to use the secondary functions of the function keys such as turning the volume down or up (F11 or F12) or to mute the speakers (F10) I have to press them with the FN key. But if I want to bring up the system tray I can just press Insert+F11 instead of having to press Insert+FN+F11.


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I'm wondering if the JAWS function keys are not turned on, but are rather used as computer function keys instead, such as volume, mute, wireless toggle, etc.

Maria Campbell

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On 1/23/2018 1:47 PM, Val Paul wrote:

As a new member, and with the a new computer with the latest version
of jaws plus windows 10, I would be glad of some help pleas.

I recently p

As urchased a new laptop, and, ofcourse, it had the latest version
of jaws and windows 10.

When I had my old computer and the last version of jaws, plus
windows 7, I used to be able to press the insert key and the F6 key
to add an address to the address bar. Also, I used to use the
insert key and the F4 to shut down Jaws.

Since getting this new laptop with windows 10 and the latest version
of Jaws, I cannot do this! When I try the insert key and the F6 it
completely cuts of the speach, and i've got to repress the F6 to put
the speach back on again.

When I try to exit jaws in the way i used to, i get a completely
different message.

Can someone tell me what you do now for both these questions.

As yet, i'm not getting on very well with the new version of windows.


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