Re: [Bulk] How to simulate Shift+left mouse click?

Adrian Spratt


JAWS simulates the left mouse click with the slash key on the numpad. So as
Dave suggests, you may be able to achieve the result you want by pressing
this key along with the shift key.

However, I just went into JAWS key identifier mode and tried this key
combination. JAWS says it enables "selecting items contiguously." So if you
try it, you'll need to listen to what JAWS verbalizes.

If shift+numpaid slash doesn't work as you need, try one of the following
long shots:

1. First press JAWS key+3 on the number row above the letters. This is the
pass-through key that tells JAWS to treat the next keystroke not as a JAWS
function, but as whatever function that keystroke has in the application.
Then press shift+numpad slash and see what happens.

2. As an even more farfetched option, try shift+JAWS key+numpaid slash. I
doubt it will work, but I don't think it could do any harm.

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Hold the Shift key and press the NumPad Slash key? I don't know any other
way to do it.

Dave Carlson
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HI guys: In TwInbox, Twitter client that integrates with Office Outlook's
Email, according to the online help, the Shift key plus the left mouse click
on the mouse pad opens up whatever link is on a tweet. What's Jaws's way to
simulate this function, so I can take the advantage of this keystroke while
the TwInbox folks work on a TwInbox update that implements a keystroke for
opening a link on a tweet?


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