Re: Is it possible to have braille input but no output except Jaws Speech?

Steve Matzura

I think you all have it backwards. The layer command turns off speech, which is not what is wanted. Using a braille-style keyboard on a QWERTY device is also not what's wanted. What *is* wanted is just the reverse. Keep the speech, suppress the braille output, input from the braille device (or obviously the QWERTY keyboard).

On 1/22/2018 12:58 PM, mike mcglashon wrote:
isn’t there also a braille keyboard input command on John’s so that one can actually use the Home roll like a braille keyboard as input or no?

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On Jan 22, 2018, at 12:27 PM, GV-Knope, John (Greenville) <johkno3041@...> wrote:

Use the layer-command insert-space followed by s to disable speech.


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Subject: Is it possible to have braille input but no output except Jaws Speech?


I’m using an El Braille and there are times when I would like to use my Focus 14 to control the device but just have speech output with the braille display remaining blank. It would be particularly good when using Kurzweil but also other occasions when I want to read quickly and not edit. Is this possible?



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