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Michal Nowicki

Hi Guys,


The reason Tab and Enter do not get you back into the spreadsheet is that in Office applications, comments, like headers and footers (including page numbers), appear in a separate pane.


As far as I know, there is no way to get JAWS to read comments automatically in Excel. Since there are ways to do this in Word, I find this surprising.




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Subject: Re: Making a note in excel


Hi Dave and Richard,


This is useful although if I go to Insert Comment and type something pressing enter doesn’t do anything and neither does tab, I have to press escape first before I can navigate to a different cell, then if I go back it will say the cell content along with “includes comment.

The Control+Shift+Apostrophy also works great, but it would be really nice if Jaws could be made to speak the comment after the cell content, e.g. it would say “2” or whatever value is in the cell and then “Comment: Number of items in stock” or something along those lines.

This would allow you to still perform calculations including the value of that cell but to have some more useful information, e.g. I could have the names of products in column A and across the top I could have sizes and maybe for this particular order some sizes are “In Stock” and some are “Backordered”. I have received Excel sheets where the person who made that sheet colour coded this and then provided a legend as to what colour means what, but it would be nice to be able to add a comment which Jaws then reads automatically instead of having to check the colour of the cell content.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is possible, if anybody knows maybe they can share it. If indeed it is not possible then I think FS should add this functionality.





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Hi Brian,


Dave’s write, if you use the application key you can arrow to insert comment and hit enter.

Type your comment and hit enter.

Then, I believe you can tab to the next cell or arrow down, etc.

To bring up a list of cells with comments, its control+shift+apostrophe.


I do not know if there is a setting to have Jaws automatically read the comments.






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Subject: Making a note in excel


Excel not only has data but occasionally one needs to make a note about the data. How would I do this in excel?




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