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Thanks to you and  list member, Carolyn. These two posts should suffice.




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Hi Alan,


Here's aquick tutorial that helped me understand the ribbons better:


There is not a lot to ribbons.  Think of it this way.

Microsoft groups commands together that are alike. So under one tab there may be many groups.


Let's use Microsoft Word 2010 as an example. If I want to insert something.
I can hit the alt key to go to the upper ribbon and right arrow to the
insert tab. This would be the same thing as hitting alt N.


So now hit tab to go to the lower ribbon.


There are the following groups:


Pages, tables, illistrations, links, headers and footers, text, and symbols.


You can use the control + right and left arrow to go between these groups.
So if I wanted to insert an illustration, I can hold down control and press
the right arrow until I get to the illustration group.


The commands in illistrations are:


Picture, clip art, shapes, smart art, chart, and screen shots, .


Every time I hit tab, it will go from one command to another. When you get
to the end of commands in that group, it takes you to the next group, which
in this case is links. It would say hyperlink, which is the first command in
the link group.


So to put this together, after going to the insert tab, and hit tab, it will
put you in the pages group which has 3 commands. After tabbing through these
3 commands, and you tab again, you are in the tables group, which has just 1
command, then pressing tab again you will land in the illistrations group.
So if you don't know what group something is in, you can keep hitting tab
and it will take you through each command in each group.


But to be faster, if you know what group a command is in, control right
arrow until you get to the group you want, then tab to get the command you
want, then just press enter.


Some commands bring up another group of choices, where you can arrow around
until you find what you want and press enter on it.


This method of navigating the ribbons can be done in every Microsoft
application that uses ribbons.


This is a good start, just practice navigating, and it will be less
confusing to you.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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I am no longer using the JAWS virtual ribbons settings. However, after using them since their inception several versions ago, I am finding navigating the native ribbon environment a bit tricky. Are there any resources out there to explain or teach best way to navigate them or is it simply a trial & error thing?

All suggestion s appreciated



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