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Robbie Curtis

Thanks guys. Appreciate the information. Very helpful.
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FS has changed the naming scheme, Jaws 2018 is basically Jaws 19, the next major update after Jaws 18.
From now on Jaws will be using years which is what a lot of software makers do and while Jaws 2018 was released in late October of 2017 it mostly covers 2018, next October Jaws 2019 will be released. I guess it's a bit like with car models, the 2019 models will already start to come out in the late summer or fall of 2018.
As DAve pointed out, Convenient OCR can now use a scanner or Pearl Camera as a source, but also important to note is that it is no longer limited to only performing OCR on PDF files which you open in Acrobat Reader. Any image file, jpg, tif, pdf etc. can now be recognized simply by going to the file in Windows Explorer, bringing up the context menu with your application key or Shift+F10 and thenpressing "J" for "Recognize with Jaws" which is one of the options in the menu which comes up.
Jaws 2018 also has better support for the Edge browser and looking ahead it is definitely the version you want to get if at all possible.


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Major difference is that if you have a Pearl camera, or other scanning device attached, you can invoke OCR on a printed page directly from the JAWS Convenient OCR feature, rather than running Openbook or other OCR software.
No improvements to sluggishness or freezing when using JAWS commands, however.

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Good Afternoon,

I am getting ready to update my JAWS version and would like to know what
is the difference between JAWS18 and 2018? Thanks.

Robbie J. Curtis
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