Re: Which version of jaws for windows 10?

john clayton


I have used jaws 2018, and wasnt impressed.
I installed both jaws 2018, and jaws18 on my win10 system which was very recently formatted. As compared to jaws18, 2018 is really slow,and I mean it. its quite significantly slower, takes more time to load, and takes up more system resources.
And icing on cake, it doesnt really offer anything significant or worth talking about in terms of features for all that as compared to 18.
So I for one have decided to remain with jaws version 18 for the time being, and probably switch to NVDA gradually.

On 14 January 2018 at 14:23, Claudia <claudiadr2013@...> wrote:
Hi all, I recently had to do a factory reset of my windows Lenovo ThinkPad. It has windows 10 on it, and I am needing to know which version jaws is the most stable so that I can install that on this chrome book. Thanks.

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