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In fact, I don't think Jaws 16 works with Chrome. Last September when an Excel/Office update caused Excel to become unuseable for a couple of weeks with Jaws 18 I reinstalled Jaws 17 and Jaws 16 in order to see if I could use these versions with Excel. It turned out that Jaws 16 did not cause Excel to crash like it did with Jaws 17 and 18, but I use Google Chrome as my primary web browser and it did not seem to work at all with Jaws 16.
Robby, is there a particular reason why you are still using Jaws 15? I assume it might be because you didn't want to spend the money to maintain your SMA which always entitles you to the latest version, but in the long run you are not doing yourself any favours and I am not sure if you actually save any money since somebody like you who has a 5-year old Jaws version will have to pay an upgrade price in order to get up to speed. I guess you would have to call FS and find out, but at some point if you get a new computer with Windows 10 even Jaws 16 which initially worked with Windows 10 will not do any more and you really want to be on Jaws 2018 or, if you wait until the end of this year, Jaws 2019. If you are anywhere close to a place where they have these conventions you might be able to get a super deal since FS always offered visitors of said conventions some super deal for upgrades or SMA's.
Of course there is always NVDA which seems to do everything some of it's users need it to do and it's free unless you want to make a donation from time to time. Let's face it, if nobody donated a dime and they didn't get some corporate sponsorship Dollars NV access probably would not be able to offer the service they do now which is always why I did not understand people who think Jaws should be free. FS/VFO is a business, they offer products and services which they have because they have a building, management, programmers and all that and they pay these people (many of whom are blind) and they pay for their building, utilities and computers and servers.


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Well if that's the case, then that sucks! As of right now, IE and Firefox are trying my patience. Thanks anyway Marianne.

On 1/13/2018 9:10 PM, Marianne Denning wrote:
I think you need at least jaws 16 for it to work. I am not sure it will work with does 15.

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Good Evening,

This morning I decided to download Google Chrome to try out its features. When I performed a search and tried to click on a link, Chrome shut down. Each time I opened Chrome it asked if I wanted to open start page or restore. Are there any JAWS or accessibility settings I may be missing?

I am using JAWS 15 and windows 8.1. Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

Robbie J. Curtis
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Robbie J. Curtis
"Stay in peace, not pieces!"

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