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Jason White

It lets you identify elements on the page (e.g., extraneous material) that JAWS should skip whenever they are encountered. It is configured for each individual Web site. It will probably take a little experimentation to work out which elements on a particular site enclose the material that you want to filter out.

If I recall correctly, you can also configure it to move the virtual cursor automatically to a specified part of the Web page (e.g., move straight to the main content when the page loads, bypassing the navigation etc.).

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Hey guys. So explain more about this flexible web feature. I've never used it.

On 1/12/18, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
Yes, but I don’t think that makes pages load faster.
I can’t remember now, but I don’t think Jed said which browser he was
using or maybe I forgot. IE is definitely slow compared to Chrome and Firefox.

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In addition, JAWS has the “Flexible Web” feature that you can use to
exclude those parts of Web pages on a site that you don’t want to read.

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Use Chrome, or Firefox 58 beta.
These two browsers load pages and large web sites much faster for me.
Also, there is an extension for Google Chrome that I know of, that
lets you load just the text of the page pretty much. The Chrome extension is called:
Just Read.
That really helps to open a web site with Just Read, because it loads
much faster, and you have mostly text like you want. I here you. Many
times, I do not want all of the stuff that loads on a web site either.
I just want the article, and that is it. I don’t want to play video,
share with all of the social media and all of that! It is taking me
longer and longer to load web sites myself.
I have a slower connection, so I know what you are feeling. Internet
is so expensive for a fast speed. We have to get cheaper Internet and
have more providers to create compotition. with all of the smaller
Cell phone companies that use the main four companies services, you
can get Walmart plans for super cheap. This is what needs to happen with Internet.
I pay $120.00 for 200 channels of cable and 7 megs of Internet LOL
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Subject: slow web pages, any work arounds

Hey guys,

I am wondering what people are doing on web pages that seem to be
slow. 1I am running the latest jfw and firefox. It seems to happen a
lot on news sites, newspapers and all that. You'll click on an
article and the page is filled with jun, stuff that we ckould care
less about. I'll be arrowing down the page and jfw will just stop
talkin cause thegre is so much crap happening on the page. All i care
about is the text. Is there anything that i can do to make things
faster to get around some of these pages? Quite honestly it's a huge
time waster and takes up valuable time. Any ideas?


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