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Hi Carolyn,

It's of course your choice, but I sit at my various PC's at work all day long and heavily use Excel and Outlook as well as the Internet usually via Chrome or in a few cases still with IE, I use my point of sale software and Sage 50 Accounting, at home I sometimes use iTunes and I use Jaws 2018 both with Windows 7 and Windows 10 and it's just as good or better as Jaws 18 for me. I have already completely removed Jaws 18 from all my machines and except for the same occasional issues I had also with Jaws 18 it's just fine. I would say that with Windows 10 it's actually better.


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I agree with you one thousand percent, Inamuddin. I'm not about to move up. I will be due for SMA, will go on and get it, but skip 2018. I've heard too many horror stories on various lists.



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Dear friends, as some of you are well aware that Freedomscientific has launched a patch of JAWS 2018.1712.54 tries to resolve the issue of not reading message body in windows 10 mail app, but with this update, another problem arises which is more painful then the previous one.

With some of emails JAWS 2018.1712.54 simply freezes windows 10 mail app altogether!

I therefore would like to recommend to all those who are thinking to update JAWS 2018, should stick themselves to JAWS 18 at least until further notice!

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