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Van Lant, Robin

Thanks for the ideas Mary and Pam. I had not thought about putting my typed recipes in to Dropbox. I like that idea. I'll play with all of your ideas. What got me thinking about this was a podcast I was listening to today where the guest has a book of simple recipes. I have not tried a Kindle cookbook nor do I know what other formats may be offered aside from print. The America's Test Kitchen cookbooks also catch my eye. I agree that ultimately the recipes I want to make again end up in a Word document for easier sorting and reading.

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Hi Robin,

I use various methods to access cookbooks.

If you get books from Bard, they have quite a few cookbooks. Most of the ones I have gotten lately have been pretty well marked so you can easily access the chapters and recipes within each chapter. I use the Victor Stream for reading these, but I imagine you could also use the Bard iPhone app, although I am not sure if you can navigate by headings to go directly to each recipe using that app.

I also find that the Kindle cookbooks are fairly accessible now, both by the Kindle app and the Kindle program on the PC. Kindle on the PC works with NVDA, and now seems to work pretty well with JAWS 18.

I have also imported cookbooks from BookShare into qRead, which works very well.

There is a program called CDBF, which we have used for years on the PC to store our own recipes. There is a CDBF app for the iPhone which I have downloaded and tried, but I have not yet gotten it to import all of my recipes correctly from the desktop program.

Anyway, I hope this is of some help.


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Hi all,
As I have lost more vision, even using a video magnifier for reading cookbooks is not feasible. I save my favorite recipes into Word Documents so that I can easily read them with speech. I have downloaded some cookbooks from book share and typically have read those with my Booksense (which I really don't use much anymore). I think I have a one cookbook that I downloaded to Voice Dream Reader on my phone, (I think from bookshare), that was tagged in such a way that I could arrow through recipe titles, although maybe I bookmarked the interesting recipes using a bookmarke list to skim through my favorite ones.

Anyway, as I see a new book I might like, I'm wondering if any of you have tried using an epub version on your desktop or phone or if Kindle format works. I have not tried the Kindle desktop version, nor do I know how to read an epub on my desktop. I've used the Kindle app and Voice Dream for this on my phone.

Any suggestion on what you've found that works if you want a specific cookbook? I know many say to just search for a recipe online, but I find many recipe websites inaccessible or cumbersome. Plus, there are times when I really get excited about a particular set of recipes offered in a book.

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