Are there any known issues with Jaws 18 or Jaws 2018 and bitdefender?


Hi all,

The company has obtained a new server along with a new IT provider. The new company doesn’t use Symantec as our old company used. They are using Bitdefender for antivirus. They also have installed some monitoring software on our units.


My unit is acting very strangely and it actually started before this was installed yesterday. I am suspecting that it has something to do with Windows 10 updates but….


My copies of jaws don’t want to read back emails that I am composing and it doesn’t want to read word  docs either. I keep hearing speech of things that I believe are in the background or in the task bar.

It seems as if it is possessed by gremlins! This unit is running Windows 10 and office 2010.

As we go forward are there any known issue’s or tips I need to use with Bitdefender and Jaws?



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